christmas fireplaceWe all know the fireplace is an important central theme in the legend of Santa Clause. Not only does the jolly man use the fireplace chimney to deliver all the toys to the good girls and boys, but the fireplace mantle is where all the stockings are hung with care. It’s also often trimmed with embellishments or decorated with beautiful holiday ornaments.

However, the fireplace isn’t just important for Santa or decorations. It is also an important symbol throughout the holidays for warmth and as a gathering place for the family. It represents the spirit if giving, of compassion, of acceptance, of presence and presents, a place where we dream of peace and remember the months and years that have past. The fireplace is part of what helps make the inside world more important than the outside world this time of year. It helps create memorable moments and being present with the ones we love.

There is simply no substitute for a home’s fireplace – though some feel the Yule log TV channel comes close. And as far as the legend of Santa goes, if we believe in him then the spirit of Santa is inside each of us – and therefore lives.

From the entire Hearth & Home family to all of yours, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017.

– Jason Meyer