The Infratech flush mount electric patio heaters offer a beautiful clean look.

As the warm weather re-appears with the change in season in this area of the world, most people start thinking of warm spring days and breezy summer nights. Thoughts of getting back to nature, of getting the barbecue fired up again (except for a few hard-cores who go all year round) and Calgary’s top landscapers are already planning and preparing for the hectic summer season.

With our limited warm season set to begin again, we are busy making plans to spend as much time outside as we can – but the key is to not only maximize quantity, but quality as well. One of the easiest ways to do that is to add heat sources to our outdoor living spaces. Things like outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and patio heaters – these are all great options to make the most of our outdoor living in every way possible.

Modern Options for Outdoor Heaters

New technologies such as electric patio heaters allow for safe and comfortable outdoor enjoyment for up to 100 additional evenings every year. As a result, they are gaining in popularity quickly. There are excellent product designs now that can be flush mounted, so they don’t encroach on your space or designs and have a beautiful clean look – and they’re not as expensive as you might think either.

With many homeowners spending up to $100,000 to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space, it just makes sense to spend another $3,000 or so to enjoy the space for as long as possible. These heaters are 93% efficient, emit zero greenhouse gases and are covered by an excellent warranty. They are also up to a third of the price of traditional gas heaters and have virtually no maintenance cost.

Take a look at the full lineup of outdoor heating products available at Hearth + Home (a small portion of which are shown online) and ask our team of experts how you can maximize enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

– Jason Meyer