Our Story

The Hearth & Home story begins with fireplaces, and of course, family. Starting over thirty years ago with a retail fireplace shop where you could buy a wood burning fireplace and later a gas one. An entrepreneur’s success story where two brothers came together to shape the hearth of Calgary homes.

Not just a way of making money, but a way of life. In the beginning the Hearth & Home family fireplaces were not only a source of heat, but a type of ritual. Chopping wood and learning to make a fire were all a way to provide for the family. There is great peace and beauty in a fire, a modern day sanctuary, in your home or outdoors.

Hearth & Home took the same philosophy the fireplace business is built on – trust, loyalty, integrity and craftsmanship and expanded the business to include home renovations. Renovations by Hearth & Home specialize in mid-size to full scale custom renovations. Not a far stretch considering they have been doing custom installs and designs for their fireplaces since the beginning.

Today Hearth & Home are redefining spaces for the modern family – reminding us what it is like to stop for a minute and enjoy the warmth of a fire and the comfort of home.

Mission – To Be Western Canada’s Most Referred Fireplace + Renovation Company

Every home has a sacred purpose, and Hearth & Home is on a quest to discover & understand what this purpose is and have it serve the family inside it to its greatest potential.  So that they can reach their greatest potential (make better choices).  We hold this responsibility very sacredly.  Enhancing and enriching the experience of being at home, for our customers, for our employees and for everyone that shares this journey with us. Enriching the experience of being Alive.  Enriching Life!