Custom Fireplaces in Calgary

Have you ever wanted to install a new fireplace in your space, only to be disappointed that none of the models available at Calgary fireplace stores are anything like what you’re looking for? Whether it’s a specific size, wall fit, configuration, or overall look that you’re going for, a custom gas fireplace is exactly what you need. Hearth + Home offers an exclusive custom fireplace design service that allows you to get a high-quality custom indoor or outdoor fireplace that exactly matches your specifications for the space, décor, and personal preferences. With only a handful of Calgary fireplace stores offering a customized service, Hearth + Home has the elite skill and experience required to bring your dreams to life.

Custom Fireplace Designs

Choosing a custom gas fireplace allows for ultimate freedom when designing your new centrepiece. Our innovative and beautiful custom fireplaces offer almost endless possibilities in terms of their overall look and configuration. These are unique, high-performance natural gas fireplaces that can be used indoors or outdoors, and come in custom lengths, widths and heights. Plus, they are extremely versatile when incorporating into your design aesthetic—their zero clearance capability means any building materials or even TVs can be placed right up to the edge of the unit. When one is not enough, you can even have up to five unified units on a single system – allowing you to mix and match custom fireplace design combinations.


  • Glass that’s safe to touch during use

  • Optional heat exchangers with controllable heat settings

  • Smart wall controls with timers

  • Variety of multi-coloured LED lighting

  • Choice of custom fireplace media including crushed glass, pebbles, stones, driftwood, logs, bamboo, and more

  • Selection of custom trims such as iron hammered, rubbed bronze, black, no-frame and more

  • Variety of fireplace backdrops including black, silver, mirrored porcelain, glass or see-through

  • Choice of configurations such as L/R corner, bay window, pier, island, L-shaped, single or double sided

  • Selection of glass heights including 12”, 20”, 30”, 36” and 58” with post-less designs availablech as L/R corner, bay window, pier, island, L-shaped, single or double sided

  • Variety of lengths including custom lengths between 3 – 21 feet long, with multiple connected units available

  • Ability to install indoors, outdoors (covered) and on exterior (indoor and outdoor) walls


Single Sided


Bay Window



See Through

Custom Commercial Fireplaces

Not only are custom fireplaces great for residential use, they are very effective centrepieces for commercial applications. These include:

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Offices

  • Shopping Malls

  • Ski Lodges

  • Retail Stores

  • Lounges

  • …and more

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