The Conventional Fireplace Design Process

To borrow a habit from Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, always begin with the end in mind. In the fireplace industry, this hasn’t always been easy to do. There was a time where the fireplace was the first fixture chosen in a home renovation or build, and then everything else was built around it. We had to begin with the beginning in mind. But this process is now changing.

The New Fireplace Design Process

New fireplace technologies and an increase in the selection and availability of a wider variety of different fireplace products and types have had a big impact throughout the industry. With all of these new options, we are afforded an abundance of choices for overall design – thus creating a much better process where we can now start with the finished look in mind and then choose the best fireplace to fit into the finished parameters. This helps alleviate challenges with mantle, TVs, and component placement, combustible vs. non-combustible finish clearances, and what materials we need to use behind it all to keep it safe.

The Impact of New Technology

European and North American manufacturers have continuously pushed the envelope in terms of fireplace design and technology. New and advanced fireplace models like the City Series by Regency (a Canadian company) allow for wood mantles and televisions/screens to be placed as close to 9” from the glass – something previously not possible due to safety concerns. With cool-touch technology, products like this ensure there are no longer any concerns about the safety of the fireplace within a design. The advent of louver-less fireplaces also eliminates the requirement for front venting, which creates a cleaner and more modern appeal. Now, you can simply create the look you want – without compromising.

Keeping Up With Change

The fireplace specialists at Hearth + Home support local designers, architects, and builders to ensure they’re up to speed on all the latest and greatest products and technologies – along with all the building requirements that go with them. While it’s always changing and new technologies always take some adaptation, overall it’s a wonderful time to be installing fireplaces. Now, we truly can begin with the end in mind.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about our newest fireplace models and technologies, contact our friendly and helpful team today.

– Jason M.