Morsø Living – because we live both indoors and outdoors
With Morsø Living we turn up the heat and the atmosphere outside. Together with some of todays most renowned designers we have created an outdoor concept, which makes outdoor living more enjoyable, more beautiful, more comfortable and more exciting.

Ah yes – at Morsø we love fire. We love the way we naturally are drawn toward it, focusing on the allure of the dancing flames. Based on our strong traditions we have created an innovative exciting outdoor world  that you, your family and friends can migrate to throughout the Summer.”

Explore the different ways of using the Moros Forno Oven on our Pinterest Page

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Morsø has collaborated with a well-known Danish TV Chef and made several films that can help you using your outdoor Grill/Oven – The films do, among other things, show how to light up your Forno, how to make pizza, and inspire you how you easily prepare other delicious dishes.


Gorm Makes Smoked Salmon in Forno