Morso Forno Oven

Morsø Living – because we live both indoors and outdoors With Morsø Living we turn up the heat and the atmosphere outside. Together [...]

Morso 2B Standard

Morso has relaunched the classic cast iron wood-burning stove, 2B Standard. With its oblong, spacious combustion chamber tat can hold logs up to 18 [...]

Morso 1410

The Morso 1410 is a classic radiant stove that has a natural convection design that helps emit even warmth throughout the room. Danish Design [...]

Morso 1440

The Morso 1440 is a powerful heater that creates a cozy atmosphere. Danish Design andamp; Function Finest Cast Iron Construction Chrome Iron Internal Castings [...]

Morso 3440

The Morso 3400 Series is the most versatile series of stove in the Morso Product Range. Danish Design andamp; Function Finest Cast Iron Construction [...]

Morso 2110

The Morso 2110 is an elegant double-door cast iron stove with an aesthetic style and is at home in both contemporary and traditional settings. [...]

Morso 7644

Morso 7600 Series was designed by Monica Ritterband, currently one of Denmark's most sought-after designers. Monica Ritterband is known for her pioneering design, which [...]