Once again, Osburn innovates to offer you the Soho, a small wood stove with an ultra modern design. This stove, which features an exceptional view of the fire, comes with an easy-to-operate door latch system that compliments the clean lines of the appliance. The Soho can be personalized according to your tastes and décor, thanks to its modular side panels available in different finishes and it offers two convenient and safe pedestal choices to store your logs.

This stove can be equipped with an optional blower and thermodisc, in addition to being ready for a fresh air connection kit without the need for any special adaptor. The Soho is an ecological heating appliance that will please those seeking efficiency and contemporary design!


Fuel type : Dry cordwood
Recommended heating area (sq.ft.) : 500 – 1,500
Overall firebox volume : 1.7
Maximum burn time : 6 h
Maximum heat output (dry cordwood) : 55,000 BTU/h (16.1 kW)
Overall heat output rate (min. to max.) : 11,400 BTU/h (3.3 kW) to 25,400 BTU/h (7.4 kW)
Average overall efficiency (EPA cribs / Douglas fir) : 66.2 % (HHV) 71.6 % (LHV)
Average overall efficiency (dry cordwood) : N.A. (HHV) N.A. (LHV)
Optimum efficiency : 75.3 %
Average particulate emissions rate : 4.0 g/h
Average CO : 132.2 g/h

Installation Manual – Osburn Soho Wood Stove