Morso 5660 High Efficient Wood Insert

An original wood stove & the joys of a crackling fire.
Morso is adding yet another great product to its extensive range of wood stove, the Morso 5660 insert. Continuing the Morsø heritage, the 5660 insert is manufactured in high grade cast iron; a strong, durable material particularly well-suited for freestanding stoves and especially wood burning inserts. Cast iron not only has excellent heat-retaining properties but it is also distributes a steady, even and comfortable warmth to the room. Cast iron is also a perfect material to ensure first-class combustion, thus, the new Morso insert 5660 insert is already classed amongst the most environmentally friendly inserts in the world.

You can get the 5660 with or without a blower depending on the space you want to heat.

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