img_1711There are many homes out there where the kitchen almost seems like an afterthought; where it seems like somewhere close to the end of the home’s construction somebody finally notices there hasn’t been any mention of a kitchen. Oops, better throw in one of those! For what is typically one of the most used spaces in the house, there hasn’t always been a lot of time spent on making sure it works well, but now consumers are asking for more, and they deserve more.

Kitchens That Work FOR You, Not the Other Way Around

When it’s time to renovate, people are now putting more thought than ever before into what specifically they want and need in their kitchen. Consumers are shopping smarter and are spending more time, energy and budget on an entire central space that works hard for their families. They are looking for well thought out function, flow, quality, and personality in a kitchen that is up for the realities of today’s busy home scene. They want a multifunctional, multitasking kitchen space that fits their needs – not just something that looks good or is the traditional way of doing things. The smart consumer isn’t interested in hearing some sleep-inducing chatter about the rules of the “kitchen work triangle”. They want a design that considers how exactly a kitchen is used today, not a design stuck in the 1940’s where there was one person doing all the cooking in a kitchen closed off from the rest of the house. They expect and demand more function, flow and design style with their investment.

Kitchens that Increase Home Value

Most consumers also know that a kitchen is one of the most budget-intense home renovation projects. The thing is, when it is done properly by the right professionals, it can substantially increase the value of a home and be a worthwhile investment. But when key aspects, especially improved functionality and flow, are not done correctly, a kitchen reno may actually decrease the value of the home. That’s why it makes sense to work with a company that will spend ample time on the planning and preparation of your kitchen renovation before there is any work done.

A kitchen needs to work in the best possible way for the people who will be using it. It should be beautiful, provide function and value, and be a source of pride for many years to come. And in our view, there really isn’t any good reason why a kitchen renovation can’t do that, and more.

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-T. Snow